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Ta “DONE” List

Oh, it’s HOT around here!!!!! I thought we left the heat in Arizona when we moved up to Oregon. In fact, I am thinking of getting a restraining order against heat. Can you do that? Well, the kids are out of school and it would seem that we would have time to do more, but […]

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Budget Friendly 4th!

We hope that you know by now, we are ALLLLLLL about ….. “Making the most with what we have!” Holidays are no different. In fact, they are really a highlight in the make the most philosophy. By using nature to decorate…. Garden flowers in a mason jar is a great budget friendly decoration. …….you enjoy […]

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Worth the Work

Don’t you just love the DIY projects that show an amazing project done, with before and after pics, done in a couple of hours? Us too! Well, this is not one of them. This project took F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Our garage door had 700 million layers of paint as I said over HERE. The first thought was […]

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Oh, It’s Getting Real

Today I am discouraged. This is not a fun post….sorry! Although……. ….. bloggers are often accused of not being real, so here is some real. I set some business goals that haven’t been reached ….yet. I know they will….E V E N T U A L L Y, but for now….I am discouraged. And there are the […]

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A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

…maybe that’s why everyone loves Instagram. Let me tell you, this Salvagesista does!  LIKE………..  Budget Kitchen Makeover (did you see the before?) AND AND Craft Room “Junk” Makeover Besides the beautiful, fun, and inspirational pictures, it is a great place to build your business.  It doesn’t have the problems some other social media does! Cough, cough, […]

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Ahhh, the 80′s!

The 80′s …what more do we need to say? The best generation everrrrrrrr! Come on, how can you argue with this…………… (Pinterest) Anyone else remember stonewashed jeans? Okay, so maybe fashion has changed a little over the years but we are hoping whitewashed will live forevvvvvver! Case in Point: Many of you may have been […]

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Salvage World News

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT….. SALVAGE WORLD NEWS Every once in awhile we have a little recap of what’s going on in our Salvage World…. 1) It’s GRADUATION WEEK for the Future Engineer.  Which really has our minds spinning…. How did he grow up so fast? Are we preparing him for adulthood? What’s up […]

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IN MEMORY- Memorial Day 2015

What can you say but “Thanks”? I guess it’s to remember…. We wanted to take a moment, this Memorial Day, to express our deep appreciation for those who have willing fought for the freedoms that we have in this country. Everyone celebrates differently, but if you need some idea on ways to celebrate, we did a […]

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