Don't have time for a complicated Thanksgiving table? Upcycle a wine cork for this easy place card. Quick craft for your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Simplicity Is the Name of the Game

There is a time and a place for complicated…..well maybe…but Thanksgiving isn’t it.   Truth be told…we don’t think a lot of times call for complicated!   You have your AMAZING company coming, Uncle Ted and his family.  Hopefully they won’t leave the wet towels on the floor again this year.   A house to clean, […]

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Everything Home Magazine is a completely interactive online magazine. It features all your favorite Instagram and blogging freinds. Use hashtags to get found and featured. Farm to table, tablescapes, pets, kids, home decor, upcycle, and much more.

Everything Home Magazine

When I, Salvage Sister, first started on Instagram, I connected with two really special people, Collette @Colletteosuna and Daraka @vintagehomeok. It seems funny that you can have such wonderful friendship with people you have never met in person, but you can! Recently, they approached me, along with some AMAZING IG friends, to work on an online […]

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Trifecta Celebration

Did you know that copper, brass, or nickel is the gift for a 21st Wedding Anniversary?  Since we are celebrating 21 years tomorrow, you can send your copper gifts to our home anytime! Antique copper kettles, copper farm sink, copper pots….all welcome! In fact, while trying to find the traditional gift for this special day, […]

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Wow! That was Fast!

Worst question ever! Looking at the clock reading 5:00 pm………. “What’s for dinner?” You know we got your back, right? Here are FIFTEEN fabulous 15 min meal ideas and/or recipes: What better way to start this party….. Curry Butter Shrimp from A Calculated Whisk   Caroline’s Cooking is showing this super fast Crab Pasta: If you enjoy Salmon, Blessed Beyond Crazy […]

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Turning trash into treasure with craft supplies. Cheap and cheerful. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get great results.

Crafting Trash into Treasure

Do you all follow Jen for Tatertots and Jello?  She is so talented and has been around the blogging world for quite awhile. Recently, she came out with her own line of craft products.  I was thrilled to receive a SNEAK PEAK with a bunch of items to play with. Of course, crafting trash into […]

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A life of making the most with what you have can be very rewarding, but how do you start? These 9 ways will get you thinking about how to start your journey of abundant living utilizing what you have been given. We all have been blessed. How do we each use it?

How to Make the Most with What You Have

“One day, while investigating a trash dumpster, the students in the Internet Ambassadors Program found some old monochrome monitors and IBM computers without hard drives. We obtained the needed parts from my friend Greg, repaired the computers, and installed internal 2400 baud modem cards. Each student took home his/her own computer and went online with […]

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A bargain bath makeover. This bath had honey cabinets and a gold trimmed mirror before. This is the after with just a few changes. Very inexpepensive and easy DIY projects.

Goodbye Gold Mirror

If you have been following us, you may have seen there is a remodel happening at the Mister mom’s house. The first project was to change a honey bathroom cabinet to a dark wood stain.  You can check the post HERE. It was an AMAZING, and inexpensive, transformation.  (If you are looking for a change, this […]

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The best way to store ground beef in the freezer. Buy a large package of beef and need to store all of it? This is the best way to do it.

A Big Chunk of Meat

We all know that jokes about the large quantities at a big box store. “I went to Costco to buy a swing set, but I had to buy 10 of them.” Now, everything isn’t always a deal there, but we have found the meat to be good quality and fairly reasonable in price. BUT, even […]

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Easy fall craft...a drop cloth pumpkin. Quick and simple. This was all leftover materials. #reuse

“Leftover” Pumpkin

If you follow us on Instagram or Periscope (@salvagesis) you may have seen a drop cloth curtain that was made for our closet. Some material was leftover from the bottom of the drop cloth. Whatever will we do? A PUMPKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *DISCLAIMER – This salvage sister believes there is a time and place for having all things perfect, […]

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