Salvaged Kitchen Remodel

I never know whether I should use the term remodel. A kitchen remodel seems like tearing out, and completely changing everything! Well there was tearing out of some things and some change, but this was NOT a complete overhaul of our kitchen. The changes that we made are changes anyone can make, especially if you […]

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Salvaged Materials

If you are looking for some awesome salvaged wood pictures, I’m afraid that’s not what we have for you today. See often times, there are no “completed projects” that are happening, but there are tid bits of information/projects/plans. Basically a hodgepodge.   Since this is Salvaged Sister and Mister, we wanted to call this our […]

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Are You an Ultimate DIY’er?

…..or want to be??? Whether it’s photography, painting furniture, cooking, there’s always something to DIY! As you’re here, you clearly love -or want to-the feeling of creating something of your own– and you know that the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is pretty hard to match and saves a bucket load of money!!!!!!!!!! As you can […]

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A Little Bit of This and That

Pin “Pineable” images they say. Be real they say. Yeah, I don’t know about you, but my real life is not always very “pineable” (as you can see from below).  Anyone else? So here are a bunch of real tips, tricks, and random, but ultra important, thoughts which may or may not be pineable. This week […]

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Did you all think it was just Salvage Sister here? Here is my “Mister” tutorial for making a magnetic chalkboard for your wall:   Salvage Sister wanted a menu magnetic board for the kitchen.  She saw a framed one at a local antique/craft shop.  It was $50 and the frame was way too thick for the area […]

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New Years Means One Thing….

You got it….BINGO! No, not you got the answer right……… Bingo….the game! At an after Christmas sale, one year, we got a complete bingo setup, like here.   Since then, this is our tradition to ring in the New Year. We get stocking stuffers, from the after Christmas sales too, and those are the prizes. If […]

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