EASY Pom Pom Garland

Pom Pom Garland is EVERYWHERE.  Really, I think even the auto shops have them..hahahaha. Isn’t it funny when someone says everyone is talking about it or it’s everywhere and you think.. ah yeah no! Okay, so it might not be everywhere but they are pretty popular and super easy to make. BONUS- It’s a great way […]

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Not a Fan

Okay, we admit it! WE ARE NOT FANS! And we already here the protests…………… Isn’t it cheaper? It’s Easy No fuss That’s what they want! These are just a few of the arguments we know we are going to get on this issue. Nonetheless, we are not fans of the children’s menu at restaurants…..GASP! BUT……….. […]

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Thrifting 101

Do you have a hard time finding items when you go out thrifting? I would say the number one complaint I hear when I tell people I found it at a thrift store is, “I never find anything!” Is that you? Salvage Sista to the rescue! I hope to encourage people to find awesome things, just […]

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Cookie Crumb Apple Tartlets

Pretty much anywhere I go I am known as the “check with her before you throw that away” girl. I don’t mind………. Extra Bread……… Bread Crumbs or Croutons Coffee Grounds……..Compost Aluminum Foil Container……….Washi Organizer Olive Jar………..Sugar Container You get the picture. That’s what this blog is all about. But I don’t take everything and our […]

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Second Chance

How was your Super Bowl… or should we say commercial watching….. or maybe snack time? Can you beat a puppy and horses?  We think not! If you are new to our site, or have been coming around for awhile, there are some posts that you may have missed……. We wanted to offer up a second chance […]

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Salvaged Materials

If you are looking for some awesome salvaged wood pictures, I’m afraid that’s not what we have for you today. See often times, there are no “completed projects” that are happening, but there are tid bits of information/projects/plans. Basically a hodgepodge.   Since this is Salvaged Sister and Mister, we wanted to call this our […]

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