Do you ever feel like a parenting failure? Gte discouraged with the mistakes you made/make? Feel likes your kids are messed up forever? The reality is yours kids forgive you and you are showing them another lesson.

Ever Feel like a Parenting Failure?

Do you ever feel like a parenting failure? As parents, we often feel like we mess up pretty much all the time…….. There are some minor parenting failures- Missed Appointments Making your child do chores when, apparently, no one else in the world does. Wrong Christmas Gift Fast Food Tacky Christmas Photos And major ones- The time […]

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Holiday Cranberry Relish

{Salvage Sister} Growing up in Chicago, we didn’t have as much fresh produce as I experienced after I moved to the West Coast.  Maybe it was the part I grew up in, but I didn’t even know you could make fresh cranberry sauce.  But I know now!!! Ohhhhhh yummy! Another discovery along the cranberry road….CRANBERRY […]

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The kitchen is crazy during holiday meals. What to bring. Helping hands is just one of the things you can "bring" to your host. party, hostess gifts, helping, serving, thanksgiving, Christmas, holiday meals

What to Bring to a Holiday Meal

Are you attending a holiday meal at someone else’s home?  Don’t know what to bring? The kitchen can be so crazy, so we gathered up some tips for you to help you: WHAT TO BRING TO A HOLIDAY MEAL   First, ask. Not every host wants you to bring something.  Why?  If they have a carefully thought out […]

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A great way to use up coffee grounds in this DIY coffee scrub. Easy to make. Great reuse. Perfect for gifts or for yourself. Spa treatment. Waste not want not.

Make a Gift – DIY Coffee Scrub

Now is the time! If you want to make some teacher, neighbor, co-workers and/or a group of friends some gifts, here is a quick: DIY COFFEE SCRUB   …that you can make in no time.  With an item you might normally throw away! Note: This “recipe” is for one  half pint jar of DIY coffee scrub.  Multiply as […]

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7 EASY DIY HOMEMADE ORNAMENTS. Easy crafts. Great gift ideas. Wonderful presents family and friends will love for years to come. Family Memories.

7 EASY Homemade Ornaments

The holidays are truly a time to focus on things that are important. One of the ways we do that, as a family, is to make homemade ornaments. Not only is it a great family activity but the person who receives it now has a special memory. We have gathered a few friends who are sharing their homemade ornaments with us: 7 […]

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An easy recipe for a non toxic holiday stove potpourri. Using the peels of an orange, this is a sure "waste not, want not" way to use them up. Makes a great scent for your home. Plus some other combinations to try for other seasons as well. Budget friendly.

Easy Holiday Stove Potpourri

EASY HOLIDAY STOVE POTPOURRI Who doesn’t love the aroma of the holidays? Fresh cookies, Christmas trees, cinnamon, apple pie, etc!!! In fact, if you go to any store right now, these are just the scents you will find, but………  We have a very low cost, non-toxic, alternative to candles… this Holiday Stove Potpourri.  What you will need: […]

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Smashing Pumpkins. Goodbye Fall, Hello Christmas with this family tradition....SMASHING PUMPKINS. Great family activity. Ring in the new holiday season. Kids

Pumpkin Smashing!

Disclaimer – Pumpkins were harmed in the making of this post.  SORRY! Disclaimer 2 – We are not pumpkin haters.  PUMPKIN SMASHING We don’t even remember when this tradition started, or how, but we are pumpkin smashers. Is there a support group for that? Either after the Thanksgiving meal, or on Black Friday, we ring […]

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Hard to find gifts for the teen boys in your life? We have two boys and have a great teen boy gift guide from stocking stuffers to small and large gifts. There is more to boy gifts than video games and gift cards. Find some wonderful boy gift ideas. Guy gift ideas.

Teen Boy Gift Guide

As some of you may know, we have two teen boys, 19 and 14.  And we are here to say that, FOR US,  it seems much harder to find things in relation to boys.   That’s why we put this Teen Boy Gift Guide together cause…….  …..there really are great gifts outside of a video game […]

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Need a quick pumpkin treat? These TWO INGREDIENT PUMPKIN BITES will do the trick. REALLY two ingreedients!!! Quick and easy recipe. Great for Halloween or Thanksgiving. You can use this to use up leftover pumpkin puree too. Quick recipe. Kid recipe.

Two Ingredient Pumpkin Bites

BONUS POST We usually only post on Monday and Wednesday, but these Pumpkin Bites are too easy, and quick, not to post. Salvagesista- There’s a recipe floating around, however I don’t know the original source, for Two Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins.  Basically its, 15 oz of pumpkin puree and 1 box of spice cake mix. HOWEVER, […]

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