Ever want people to know and accept who you are? When I was younger I just wanted people to stop telling me to not cry. I am sensative. That's who God made me to be. I feel deeply and care deeply. I am passionate! I love who I am. Self acceptance.

Yeah, I’m Sensative..SO WHAT?!?!

This is a little different of a post here on Salvage Sister & Mister, however we felt it was an important message.  Our mission is to salvage time, money, resource, and moments for your best life.  Part of your best moments in life, is accepting who you are. Did you ever wish you could have […]

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Our son is headed off to college. Packing up all the essentials. Do you know what to pack? There is a guys college checklist to help you remember what to pack (or your student).

Guy’s College Checklist

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Procter & Gamble.  All opinions are 100% my own! Well, our oldest decided, very recently, that he will be transferring from the local Community College to a 4 year school. Cue Mom crying her head off …and Dad too! It’s a mad scramble to […]

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Want a quick and simple breakfast? This blackberry parfait features oregon blackberries and is tasty! Great for on the go mornings. It's kid approved and can be adjusted to fit each person's taste. Fill it up in a mason jar and eat it in the car on the way to school. Perfect way to start your morning. Simple recipe anyone can make.

Blackberry Parfait

…..The kind you find in a second hand store. Do you get it? If not, I’m not sure we can be friends, just kidding!  But do understand I (Salvage Sister) make up, and blurt out, song lyrics often around here.  Like~ THIS ROOM IS ON FIRRRRRRRE! Okay, so all songs aside for a moment… and […]

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Using your cell phone or smart phone to find free coupons and savings at major retailors for instant savings.

Groupon Coupons

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.  I have agreed to share this information because I have used it and I believe it is of benefit to my readers. How do you feel about using coupons? I’m not gonna lie, I love coupons, aka saving money, but hate keeping track of them.  It […]

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Thrift Store Throwdown

Are you ready to rummmmmmmmble?  IT’S A THRIFT STORE THROWDOWN! 15 bloggers joined together to swap some thrift store finds.  The idea was to spend no more than $15 and to send to another blogger.  That person would work their magic and come up with a great trash to treasure transformation! 5 ITEMS TO BUY […]

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Dear DIY’er

Dear Fellow DIY’er, Do you have a minute? HAHAHAHAHA! We know, we know!  There is this project that you are finishing up. If you could spare a minute, we think this might be worth it. See we have this secret. To be honest, this secret is not just for DIY’ers but for many kind of […]

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