Let’s face it….movie theater popcorn is EXPENSIVVVVVVVE! Actually the whole experience can leave your pocket book a little empty, right? In order to the combat that you may: ……….go to the matinee ………bring in your own snacks (disclaimer: we are not approving or suggesting to do this) OR ………do what we do and buy the large popcorn […]

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The Road to SNAP

Oh, SNAP! As I mentioned here, I am heading to my first blog conference…SNAP.  A conference for creative types. There are lots of things on the “to do” list before I go.  Here are a few things I have up my sleeve: Speaking of sleeves…hahahaha 1) Find cute “thrifted” outfit: **Everything here is used (Goodwill, […]

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After the Bunny!

Now that Easter is past, the middle decorating is upon us. You know….time between holidays/seasons. For some Spring has been around awhile and you are changing out your bunnies after Easter. For others it’s still not here yet (so sorry by the way) and you are still waiting to start. We have showed you several ideas […]

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Recipe FAIL

Have you ever had a recipe fail? Like maybe a Pinterest Fail? How is that possible? Aren’t these recipes tested first? Shouldn’t you just be able to follow the instructions and bada-bing-bada-booom…..DONE! Not always huh? Please say we are not alone here! In case you want to know why that recipe might have failed, so it won’t […]

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Curly Q

Curly Hair Girls Unite! Do you have curly or wavy hair? This Salvage Sister(a) does! I use to have more curl, ringlets, to my hair; after pregnancy/childbirth it became more wavy (ish).  Go figure.  But it changes all the time. As most curly hair girls I know, it can be a love/hate relationship. During my younger years…… […]

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So What Do Bloggers Do Anyways?

It’s always akward when someone asks: “What do you do?” When we say we are bloggers there is this blank stare that usually accompanies a little chuckle (seriously happens)……… “Awww, that’s cute.” …Now let’s cut to the chase, what do you really do? Even though we both have day jobs, blogging is a long term […]

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Inside Spring Decorating Using What You Have!

Last week, we showed some wonderful outside, mostly, spring upcycle ideas.  Today we are turning the focus inside. There are so many gorgeous Spring displays right now that may drive you to the nearest store to buy a ton of new dishes, cute bunnies, egg trees, linens, etc. There is a reason advertising companies make money!  They […]

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