Roasted Tomato Caprese Pasta

Roasted Tomato Caprese Pasta, The Dinnertime Story Once there was a girl who loved to make the most with what she had. One day, she found herself with some extra baby tomatoes. She noticed there was a slight wrinkling to their skin but knew they were still VERY GOOD TO EAT. In fact, she knew it […]

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The art of the Sunday Drive. Whether you go on a Sunday or any other day of the week, take a moment to enjoy life. Life gets so busy that often we forget it won't ever get done. We have to just go out and smell the roses or flowers. Spring time in Southern Oregon. Resting and relaxing.

The Art of the Sunday Drive

The Sunday Drive! An automobile ride with no destination and no rush! Is that foreign to you? When we moved back to Oregon, from Arizona, we were hoping for a simpler life.  Less big city and more nature. AND THEN LIFE HAPPENS! …………………, kids, bills, responsibilities, etc! Sometimes you forget to breathe. Then one beautiful […]

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Want a fun gift idea? This DIY flower pinata is not only easy to make but this was used with materials on hand (reuse/upcycle). Taking some cardboard and tissue paper it's a snap to make. Get your kids involved for a fun craft day. This is great for Mother's Day, birthdays, wedding or baby showers, or just a girls night out or girls night in. Great and inexpenisve present for the special lady in your life.

DIY Flower Pinata

Who, no really….WHO???…..doesn’t love a Pinata? So tell us……why are these reserved for kids and their parties?  Can’t a mom get a Pinata? Whether it’s for ~ Mother’s Day Birthday Girl’s Night Out/In Baby/Wedding Shower ….Or just because ~this DIY Flower Pinata is just what will send your party over the top. And really, wouldn’t […]

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Participating in the ORC (One Room Challenge) Calling it Home, with our Game Room Makeover. This is the inspiration board we are going for. Salvaged or reclaimed wood, ping pong table, dart board, red and black. This DIY will be on a budget. Come join us each week to see how we are doing.

The One Room Challenge – Game Room

One of the first things you hear about in real estate is ~ LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! When we purchased our home a couple of years ago, it was strictly due to location and budget.  And while we love our neighborhood, our home…let’s just say there is (and has been) a whole lot of PROJECTS! {If you […]

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If you love reclaimed wood but don't have access to any inexpensive peices, here is a way you can make it yourself. This DIY reclaimed wood tutorial will show you exactly how to make it yourself.

DIY “Reclaimed” Wood

We make no apologies for loving RECLAIMED WOOD! You can see 6 of our reclaimed wood projects HERE. BUT………….. There is one problem.  If your fence doesn’t blow down, or you don’t have connections to obtaining free reclaimed wood, it can get EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  {We apparently aren’t alone in the reclaimed wood love!} What’s salvagesista and […]

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How do you handle your child/teen when the prodigal son/daughter returns home? Based off of the Biblical principal of the Prodigal/Lost son we used these 3 steps to receive our son back home. Teen run aways. Parenting teen children.

When a Prodigal Returns Home

If you have been a reader here for long, you might already know some of our adoption story and here. It’s been a challenging road in a lot of ways. The recent challenge was when our 15 year old got into some legal trouble and decided that running away would be the answer to his problems. Obviously, […]

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