Want to change up the honey cabinets? Easy stain DIY. www.salvagesisterandmister.com


Do you remember when honey cabinets where all the rage? Well the Mister’s mom was so OVER IT for her home.  It was like so 1990…REALLY! As you may have seen from other posts, like HERE and HERE, we like budget options. Salvaged Style!! She decided to go darker on the bathroom cabinet. Salvage Sister first read a post […]

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Do want to pay the price of a new crystal chandelier? What about a faux chandelier for around $30? Quick and easy way to get a similar look. www.salvagesisterandmister.com

Faux Crystal Chandelier

At the heart of this site, is a desire to say, “If there is a will there is a way!” Crystal chandeliers are pretty popular right now.  And really there are some gorgeous ones like this…. Crystal Chandelier Lighting 28ht X 28wd 8 Lights Fixture Pendant Ceiling Lamp          from Amazon *Affiliate link Now my two […]

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Family room or office room makeover. The before was old wood panneling and carpet. This has layered carpets and thrift store finds to make decorating duable on a dime.

Is a Room Ever Really Done?

It’s getting deep around here. Like, “Do we really even know if we are truly here?” Oh, I know the answer to this one…..YES, yes, I do. All philosophy aside, this “family room…office area has been a work in progress. You can see some of the progression HERE and HERE (like an 80′s whitewash session..no […]

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Beach House on the Oregon Coast...just like Home. www.salvagesisterandmister.com

Home Away from Home

“This trip has been amazing, BUT there is no place like home.”   How many times do you hear this or say it yourself? Vacations are amazing, but you long for something more comfortable……. ….something like HOME! What about combining them? A home stay! Does that make you nervous? Salvage Sister’s brother recently rented a home […]

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Decorate with Meaning

For those who have been around here awhile, you may notice that decorating is something I, Salvage Sister, enjoy. When I was in high school/college, I worked some retail jobs. In those jobs, I was given opportunities to create the displays for the store. I enjoyed doing this so much that I thought about going to […]

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Instagram #SoMe Link Up Party

You all know how I feel about Instagram!   It’s my jam! What’s not to love?   That’s why I was thrilled to be selected as a feature for the #SoMe party.   If you want to get to know some new folks on Instagram, please link up.  Also, it’s a good way to get connected to […]

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Home Update

If you are new to our site, we would like to tell you a little about our “new to us” home. We moved to Oregon, from Arizona, in September 2013 for a job move.  There is a WHOLE story there that really needs to be blogged about…note to self. You know what else happened that […]

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