Thrift Store Throwdown

Are you ready to rummmmmmmmble?  IT’S A THRIFT STORE THROWDOWN! 15 bloggers joined together to swap some thrift store finds.  The idea was to spend no more than $15 and to send to another blogger.  That person would work their magic and come up with a great trash to treasure transformation! 5 ITEMS TO BUY […]

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Dear DIY’er

Dear Fellow DIY’er, Do you have a minute? HAHAHAHAHA! We know, we know!  There is this project that you are finishing up. If you could spare a minute, we think this might be worth it. See we have this secret. To be honest, this secret is not just for DIY’ers but for many kind of […]

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10 Stress Free Entertaining Tips

What’s the first thing you do when party planning?   If you guessed, look up ideas on Pinterest, you are correct.  This is the number #1 answer, unscientific poll, to those who are tasked with the planning of a special event…graduation, major birthday, wedding, showers, or even a simple backyard get together.  You go on and look […]

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I teamed up with @The Home Depot and a bunch of amazing bloggers to create our take on their DIY Father's Day Football Toss project! Here's our version - a fun, team spirit version! What do you guys think!? Head on over to our blog today (link in profile ☝️) to find out how you can sign up to make your own mat at your local Home Depot's FREE DIY workshop! #sponsored #DIYWorkshop

Football Toss – Home Depot DIY Workshop

ARE….YOU….READDDDDDY…FOR…..SOME….FOOTBALL? —————————————————————————————————————– Last week we shared with you our partnership with Home Depot and their DIY Workshops! This week, we are sharing our take on this fun Father’s Day Football Toss DIY project! The Mister has a favorite football team so this is in their honor.  BTW- The Home Depot has approved NFL colors so you […]

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Who doesn't love a good magazine? After awhile they can add up to quite a stack. Sure some people make huge projects with them, but here are 7 practical uses for old magazines. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Waste not, want not!

7 Practical Uses for Old Magazines

Recently, a blogging friend asked, on Facebook, what to do with the pile of magazines stacked around the house. Now, I wouldn’t know anything about stacks of old magazines …cough..cough..#magazinehoarder!!! BUT WHAT DO YOU DO WITH MAGAZINES AFTER YOU ARE FINISHED WITH THEM? There are some ideas that are award worthy……… “WOW, that car made out of magazines […]

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DIY Playlist

As you may know, we do A LOT of DIY projects around here.  And if you know us, you know MUSIC is MANDATORY during this process.  Who are we kidding?  Music is mandatory for just about any occasion. We thought we would share our salvagesista’s TOP 10 DIY PLAYLIST with you.  It is sure to get […]

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