IN MEMORY- Memorial Day 2015

What can you say but “Thanks”? I guess it’s to remember…. We wanted to take a moment, this Memorial Day, to express our deep appreciation for those who have willing fought for the freedoms that we have in this country. Everyone celebrates differently, but if you need some idea on ways to celebrate, we did a […]

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What to do when the Party is over?

There seems to be a lot more birthdays now until September………Oh yeah, winter! Anyways……. With all these birthday’s come parties. With all the parties comes PARTY LEFTOVERS! Salvage Sister and Mister to the rescue………. Cue the theme music!  But we don’t wear capes …any self respecting parent knows why. Here are 5 ideas to use those […]

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Heap of Change Challenge

Soooooooo, how long does a room challenge take????? Back in January, Donna from Funky Junk Interiors, did a Heap of Change Challenge to organize/clean up an area. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! The craft room was going to take this challenge…..back in January! **If you would like to see the scary before pics, you can go HERE……..Warning, it’s not for […]

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CLASS of 2015- WHAT????

WHERE DID THE TIME GO???????? We know, we know….everyone said it would be in the blink of an eye.  You all were right, okay! Just a couple of days ago we were walking hand in hand to the preschool classroom. Last week, it seems, you wanted to be pushed on the swing. Didn’t you just […]

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The Glass is Half Full…of PEPPERS

Way back when…about two years ago….I had a job as a Food Manager for a meal assembly business. In that job, we had commercial size food items…go figure. But some of those items were packaged in GOLD! Well to another worker and myself. HUGE GLASS JARS! (Thank you Spanish Olives.) When we would get one in, […]

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SNAP Conference 2015

I wanted to take a minute to share a little about my first blogging conference……. This should be a 700 part series since there was so much learned and experienced, however I might loose some readers at some point! I will tell you this was an AMAZING experience……………… It was just over a year ago […]

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They Call Me Crazy

When we left Arizona, and moved to Oregon ,we had to leave behind a lot of furniture in Arizona (only so much space in a Uhaul). That left us needing quite a few items, and not a lot of money to do it. Goodwill, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, The ReStore, and Craigslist are perfect places to find […]

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